Meet Carolyn

Carolyn grew up in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Arizona when she was 15. She was a competitive figure skater (back when they actually skated figures!) and is a lover of all things Paul McCartney and the Beatles, but especially Paul McCartney. Chris isn't jealous. Really, he's not...he bought her Ringo Starr concert tickets for her birthday!

In her spare time, Carolyn enjoys cooking, reading vintage murder mysteries, and hiking, Having multiple degrees in chemistry, she was thrilled to win an opportunity to tour the set of the original CSI. She nearly got the chance to be an extra as a dead body in an episode...except that her tour companion had to be male to make the scene work and she hadn't met Chris yet.

Carolyn is the brains in our outfit, coming up with creative ideas on the looks of our candles. She sees potential in all types of silicone molds, such as when she saw a set of chocolate and graham cracker molds and came up with a s'mores candle, complete with the fragrance! The realistic looking marshmallows, whipped cream dollops, apple slices, candy cane pieces, and pecans that she uses to embellish our holiday candles always make shoppers ask if they are real or made of wax.

Carolyn is a craftaholic with a collection of tools and supplies that rivals the amount of materials we need to make our candles. She does counted cross-stitch, beadwork, quilling, book folding, cardmaking, journal making, papercraft construction, zentangling, and mixed media art.

Due to Carolyn's mad scientist background, she is always experimenting to find ways to improve the quality of our products, service, and the overall customer experience. She constantly has ideas about different things we can do, whether it's new products, fragrances, designs, containers, or packaging. Look for some of these creations to be brought to life soon at A Glowing Trend Handcrafted Candles!