Meet Chris

Chris grew up in the Rochester, NY area and moved to Arizona when he was 14. He is a definite sports guy! In high school he played football and ran track and cross country, and still does local races from 5K to half-marathons. He follows most professional sports and is loyal to his teams. Both Chris and Carolyn grew up as hockey fans and the Arizona Coyotes were the reason they ultimately met, but that’s another story…

Chris is great with numbers, which is why he works in banking, and is also in the US Navy Reserve. This has allowed him multiple opportunities to go to Hawaii (where he discovered the best shrimp scampi ever in a food truck), Australia (where he hugged a koala bear), and Japan (where he scoured the craft stores for fabulous pens and papers for Carolyn’s crafting stash).

One of the distinctive features of A Glowing Trend candles are their realistic colors, and that is all due to Chris. Using a set of 15 basic dye colors, he has created formulas for more than 100 custom color blends, including many different shades of the same color family. Chris says that he can see the color when he smells the fragrance, which is his starting point for creating a new color. Check out the Fragrance Component boards on our Pinterest page to see how well he captures the colors found in nature!

When Chris worked the candle booth at a craft show alone, he was often congratulated by shoppers for being nice enough to “help his wife out”. He would feign indignance then proudly announce that he had created half of what the customers were looking at! Chris came up with the idea of the Rose Botanicals to match the Lavender ones and is looking at other flowers to potentially expand that line. He was also responsible for the now-defunct Man Candles line, which included Mt Dew and Bacon scents. (Carolyn would love to bring those back, by the way…)

Chris is a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady” but graciously rescued a shelter dog as a wedding present for Carolyn. In 2021 they will celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary and the 10th anniversary of founding A Glowing Trend Handcrafted Candles.