The Backstory

We started our journey in candle making in a simple way, with a craft kit that was a Christmas present. 

A few months after Carolyn’s Mom died unexpectedly, the catalog that she would always order presents from arrived and her Dad told her to buy herself something for Christmas. She chose a candle making kit but when it came, she couldn’t bring herself to do anything with it. It reminded her too much of her Mom, and when her Dad died a few months later, it was even more upsetting. The kit lived in a closet as a memorial to her parents.

Fast forward about 5 years – Chris and Carolyn are now married and he finds the kit. Carolyn explains where it came from and says she isn’t sure she wants it anymore. Chris said they should at least play with it once before getting rid of it. So we unpacked it, collected a bunch of partially burned pillar candles to melt, and got to work. 

                                  candle melter kit     lopsided pillar candle

That first candle was, well, not great. It was already uneven on the bottom but then it got dropped and dented, so it will never stand straight. It’s an odd combination of fragrances, and the colors are kind of drab. But in another way, it was totally awesome – we made that! It was fun! Hey, do we have any more wax available so we can do this again? It created a spark (sorry, bad pun) in both of us that still exists and is embodied in our logo.

We still have that first candle we made in 2010. It’s a reminder of where we started and why we keep going – to continually make better candles each time we do it.