Most Popular Fragrances This Season

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As candlemakers, we have sampled a lot of fragrances. And I mean a lot! When we first started out making candles 12 years ago, we would buy surplus lots of fragrance oils on eBay to get a feel for what the different suppliers had and what the quality was. It was good research and didn’t cost us much if we didn’t like them. Many of them were not good at all and were properly disposed of. But a lot of the suppliers and scents we discovered have become favorites of ours and we still use them in production today. Right now in our supply room we have more than 200 fragrances, some of which we are currently using and some we hope to introduce in the future. It’s fun to experiment and create our own blends, too! Several of the fragrances we currently offer were custom blended by Chris, such as Blood Orange and Ginger.

That said, what we like isn’t always what our customers like. I personally don’t like heavier scents like patchouli, but our Patchouli and Honey candle was popular. One scent we used years ago that I really liked, Strawberry Jam, never sold at all. People have an emotional connection to certain scents, which can dictate their preferences. When I stayed with my Grandma as a kid, we would make sandwiches with the jam that had the big chunks of strawberries in it for lunch - that makes it a comfort scent for me. Tell us in the comments what scents you like/don’t like and why!

Now that we are heading into cooler weather, more people are purchasing and lighting candles. Here is a list of what our customers are buying the most of right now. Since some people don’t enjoy food-scented candles, I’ve split the list into 2 sections. See if any of your favorites made the list and check out something new based on what others are saying!



#5 = Sugar Cookie

#4 = Sweet Potato Spice

#3 = Pumpkin Pie

#2 = Gingerbread

#1 = Hot Cocoa



#5 = Autumn Spice

#4 = Snow Witch

#3 = Frasier Fir

#2 = Fresh Cut Roses

#1 = Lavender

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