The Top Ten People Who Should Be On Your Gift List (But Maybe Aren't)

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Although gift giving season is fast approaching, any time can be the right time to give a unique gift, like one of our Holiday Collection candles

Here’s a Top Ten list of people who you should consider giving a gift to.

10) Your Postal Service worker – Deserves a relaxing lavender candle after a long day’s work getting us our mail.

9) Your hairdresser, nail technician, esthetician, or anybody who provides you a service on a regular basis – They do their best to make you feel beautiful, so why not make them feel special in return?

8) Your child’s daycare workers – You know what your kids can be like. Just saying. 😊

7) Your favorite aunt – Remember all of those times she listened to you and never told your mom about what you talked about?  A small gift is a great way to say “thank you”.

6) Your spouse – You know best what they like.  Show them that you were thinking about them.

5) Your co-workers/team – $10 gift card for coffee or a $7 candle?  Which one shows more thought and effort?

4) Your Mother-In-Law…or maybe not… - Give them a thank you for raising the person you love.

3) Your BFF – Just because.  Sometimes we take those closest to us for granted.  Remind them that you never will.

2) Your child’s teachers – An easy gift for your kids to help pick out!

And the Number 1 person you should consider giving a gift to is YOURSELF!  After all of that shopping, you deserve something nice for yourself too!

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